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Organ Donation Registry

More than 2,300 people in Wisconsin are waiting for the gift of life. Will you join our efforts to save more lives?


Wisconsin has an online Donor Registry which makes it easier than ever to authorize organ, tissue and eye donation. The registry, launched by the State Department of Health Services, will help reduce the number of children and adults who are waiting for a life-saving or life-changing transplant in Wisconsin.

  • People with an orange donor dot on their license or state I.D. should still sign up. Register online or at the Department of Transportation/Division of Motor Vehicles when you renew your license or ID. Anyone older than age 15½ can register.
  • The registry is easy to use and takes only minutes to complete.
  • The registry is confidential, protected and private. You may add or remove your name from the registry at any time.
  • The registry ensures your decision to be a donor is honored. Adding your name to the registry makes a legal record of anatomical gift and authorizes donation.

Register Today and learn more about the Wisconsin registry.


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