Organ and Tissue Donation Differences

Difference between organ donation and tissue donation are explained below:
Organ donation:
  • Brain death/DCD
  • 5 percent of all deaths eligible
  • Saves six to eight people
  • Immediate transplantation
  • Careful blood and tissue typing/matching
  • High public awareness
  • Referral process - (866) 894-2676
    • Call when patient meets clinical triggers, when death is imminent or when family is considering withdrawal of life support
    • Work with OPO coordinator and team, huddle to approach family when suitable
    • Have patient chart available (HIPPA-exempt)
  • Recovery process
    • Operating Room
    • Two- to four-hour surgical procedure

Tissue and eyes:

  • Cardiac death
  • 95 percent of all deaths eligible
  • Life-saving or life-enhancing for 50 or more people
  • 14 days-five years before transplant
  • Little or no blood and tissue typing/matching
  • Little public awareness
  • Referral process - (866) 894-2676
    • Call at time of cardiac death
    • Call prior to approaching family to determine eligibility
    • Have patient chart available (HIPPA exempt)
    • Please do not release the body to the funeral home
  • Recovery process
    • Operating Room, morgue or funeral home (aseptic)
    • Two- to four-hour surgical procedure for tissue, 20 minutes for eyes/corneas
    • Eight to 24 hours after asystole depending on refrigeration