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Online Donation Promotion Tool Kit


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April is National Donate Life Month, but anytime is the right time to promote organ, tissue and eye donation.


Just in time for Donate Life Month, UW Organ and Tissue Donation (UW OTD) has released a new online donation promotion tool kit.


The information and materials included in the online tool kit make it easy to create events, execute an idea or engage with the media to educate more people about the life-saving and life-improving gifts provided through organ, tissue and eye donation.


The tool kit contains examples of successful donation promotion activities that were completed by the UW OTD and their partners. These examples can be used as a guide to re-create the same activity, or as a means to elevate new ideas.


Media relations can be a very effective and inexpensive way to promote donation and the Donor Registry, but if done incorrectly or without an appropriate amount of strategy, planning or follow through, it can be counterproductive. The UW OTD suggests that you use the media guide included in the online tool kit, and work with the UW OPO Media Consultant, to make the most of your media efforts.


You can print the current donor education flier, or use the donation education information, to create speaking points for events or for media and social media messages. The artwork, images and logos files available in the tool kit will enhance print materials, social media efforts and websites.


Also in the artwork section of the tool kit are donor and transplant recipient stories, photos and videos that can be used to promote donation, transplantation and the donor registry.


There is also information about online stores, so you can order Donate Life logo merchandise and widgets. It’s important to note that all promotional items that include the registered Donate Life and Done Vida logos, and/or Donate Life Wisconsin logo, must be purchased through one of the listed licensed vendors.


The final section of the online tool kit includes links to helpful websites such as, which includes facts, merchandise and other necessary information for promoting donation on a national basis; and which is a brief training program connecting the state's largest team of organ, tissue and eye donation volunteers.


Be sure to check out this wonderful collection of information and helpful resources and join UW OTD in our efforts to save more lives through organ, tissue and eye donation - Online Donation Promotion Tool Kit