Kyle's Story

UW Health Organ Procurement Organization organ donor KyleThis tribute to Kyle Roland Forsythe is shared by Joan Forsythe, his mother.


On June 26, 1987 we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Kyle Roland Forsythe, our gift from God. Kyle grew into a handsome, fun-loving 21-year-old. He was a junior studying business at UW-Stout in Menomonie.


The Dean of students shared with us that after the news of Kyle's passing, in the 20 years of working at the university, she had never seen such an outpouring of love and compassion of students at Stout, which she said was such a wonderful reflection on Kyle and his family.


Kyle's friends from Stout visit and keep in touch with us on a regular basis, which reflects on the kind of person our son was and the relationships he had acquired during his three years there. This was just the beginning of our life journey and healing process.


Kyle loved the outdoors, whether it be hunting or fishing. We have many wonderful memories of family vacations out west, Florida, and of course the Wisconsin Dells! Yes, we feel blessed with the 21 precious years we had with our son and brother.

Kyle was considered the person that would give everyone some type of a nickname. His friends called him Majestic. His friends shared with us that Kyle would light up a room when he would enter. Always happy and smiling. We were so very proud of the young man Kyle had become.


On November 2, 2008 our lives were changed forever. The shock of realizing Kyle was in a hospital from an accident, with lack of brain waves, was overwhelming for our family. Unlike many others, we found it a very difficult decision when we were approached about organ donation. We could not fathom this after just being told we were losing our son. How could we make this decision when we could not even accept the fact of losing Kyle?


We sat in a room praying for guidance, trying to think about what Kyle would want us to do. We had never shared a discussion on the topic of organ donation. Our final thoughts were, "What if our child/relative was in dire need of an organ?"


We thank God we took the time to search our hearts with our final decision to donate Kyle's organs. He was young and healthy, a prime candidate for organ donation. After arriving home, we received Kyle's wallet, anxious to see his driver's license. Yes, Kyle was a donor! We felt so blessed that we had made Kyle's last wish a reality.


One month after Kyle's passing, we were ready to write our initial letter to all of the recipients, knowing that this would be a major part of our healing process and recovery, that the lives of others were saved. Kyle was able to donate five organs. We have corresponded with all five of the families thus far, feeling so blessed with such wonderful families sharing love, gratitude and respect. We hope and pray to meet each one some day. Not only do we know that Kyle is now in the hands of God, but blessed with the fact that Kyle still lives on through others as well.


We love and miss you, Kyle.


Mom, Dad, Katelyn, Kelley