Joshua's Story

Joshua's story, as shared by his mother.


UW Organ and Tissue Donation donor stories: JoshuaJoshua was killed tragically on December 8, 2013. Thanks to the work and attention by the first responders and hospital staff, Josh was kept alive until we could see his donation wishes through.


Josh had decided to be an organ donor when I took him in to get his first driver's license when he was 16. The decision for him was extremely easy, but I never dreamed I would have to see those wishes through. He had led such a healthy and happy adult life.


Josh was very determined and focused for a man of 25 years. Following graduation from NWTC, he worked as a diesel mechanic and went to the gym every day. That led to his enjoyment of playing football and finesse bodybuilding. He had entered his first bodybuilding contest only six weeks before his murder.


Josh had many friends and at his life celebration I realized how beloved and admired he was by so many. Friends and coworkers shared stories of his generosity, encouragement, humor and love. All who knew Josh were not surprised to know that his final act was to give the gift of life.


Josh's selflessness resulted in seven people receiving the call that an organ had been found and they had a second chance. Although I can never change the events of that cold December night that took my only son, I am happy that through this tragic loss, others were saved. Many thanks to the transplant teams, the hospital staff and the UW staff for taking care of Josh and the recipients.