Ian's Story

The following was written in tribute to Ian (pictured), whose organs were donated after his death.


Ian, an organ donorIan was our smoochie baby. Although he lived only six short months he touched our lives in many ways. He was a happy smiling baby with chunky cheeks that we loved to kiss. That his how he got his nickname "smoochie baby."


We will always remember the joy that little guy gave us and his trademark cheeks. The last couple of months you would always find Ian with his foot in his mouth. He would be laying on the floor with his foot in his mouth and you would call his name and he would look at you and smile so big, with the foot still in there, of course.


He loved his older brother Tyler so much. He followed him with his eyes no matter where Tyler was. He was also starting to move around, so he was taking Coco (a stuffed monkey) whenever he could. Since this was Tyler's best buddy, he was not always fond of that. He would take Coco away and give Ian something else. Ian never minded. He would just move on to what he was given and that, too, went in his mouth. He already had two teeth and was working on more.


We all love and miss Ian so very much. I give his mother so much credit for donating his organs even though the grief she felt was overwhelming. The thought that Ian lives on in someone else and gave them the opportunity to have a happy, healthy life makes our grief a little easier.


Ian, you are our angel baby. God has you now and gets to enjoy you every day.