Christopher's Story

Christopher's grandmother Ginny wrote the tribute below about her grandson.


UW Health Organ Procurement Organization organ donor ChristopherThis is my grandson Christopher (Ritter) Pamperin. Words can not describe the pain I felt on May 2, 2010 when my beloved grandson left us forever.


I called Christopher "Ritter" since he was just a little boy. I guess the name just stayed with him. Ritter was a gentle soul who always thought about other people in his own way. He has two younger brothers who miss him terribly.


Ritter loved fishing, hunting and disc golfing. His brother Casey decided that Ritter would want to donate his organs, which I was not so sure about in the beginning but decided that if that is what Casey thought we should do, then who was I to say any different?


I am so glad that we did donate his organs. I have been writing to one of his recipients and in some strange way it is so comforting to know she is doing so well and part of my Ritter is still living, and has made such a difference in her life.


She was able to see her first grandson born, which she might not have been able to do, if it were not for my Ritter. So even in death he is still helping people.


So I, too, have become an organ donor. I hope everyone who reads this will mark yes on their drivers license and let their families know their wishes.


I will miss my Ritter forever, and the ache in my heart will never go away until I see him again.