What are the Odds: The Wood Family's Twins

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While fertility drugs are responsible for many multiple births, some multiple miracles happen naturally. This is the case for Cortney Wood and her husband Dylan. They have two sets of identical twin sons.


The first set of twins, Dominic and Talon, were born in January 2006.


According to Cortney, "Twins are fascinating. They're perfect playmates that are on the same wavelength."


She recalls the first time they recognized each other. The first time they put baseball hats on the boys, Dominic and Talon looked at each other with this realization like they were no longer looking in the mirror but there was another baby that looked just like the other.


In 2006, approximately 32 births out of 1,000 resulted in twins. The odds for Cortney and Dylan were even higher since sets of identical twins run in Cortney’s family; but they never imagined that would lead to them having not one but two sets of twins.


Cortney said, "We have four sets on my mom's side, two sets on my dad's side and one set of twins on my husband's side of the family," she said. "I also have two sets of cousins that are twins."


In 2008, Cortney and Dylan found out they were pregnant with another set of twins.


"I just said, 'There's no way, there's just no way,'" said Cortney. "It doesn't happen."


According to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine division, the chance of having a second set of fraternal twins is approximately 1 in 90,000. The odds, while not known, are much greater for having a second set of identical twins.


During both pregnancies, Cortney came to UW Health for her obstetrical care. The majority of her interaction was with the general obstetrics group but Dr. Dinesh Shah and his team in maternal fetal medicine helped monitor the pregnancy due to an increased risk of complication when pregnant with multiples.


As with her first pregnancy, Cortney had no complications and in May 2009, she delivered her second set of twins in less than four years. Ryker and Knox were born on May 6, 2009 to Cortney and Dylan Wood. Cortney credits UW Health and the collaboration between divisions to monitor her pregnancies and provide her with four healthy young boys.