Comprehensive Care at the Resident Continuity Clinic

The Darden FamilyThe Resident Continuity Clinic is a located in Meriter Hospital and serves obstetric and gynecology patients. The medical care is provided by residents under the supervision of the University of Wisconsin Obstetrics and Gynecology faculty. 


The Resident Continuity Clinic is further supported by a team of nurses, medical assistants, social workers, and a dietician. The combined teams provide comprehensive health care for women of all ages.


Wendelin Darden has been a patient in the RCC for ten years. She knows the Resident Continuity Clinic well, as she had been a patient for all of her pregnancies.


She was referred to the clinic with her first pregnancy because of her medical history that required her to be monitored by an obstetrician. During that pregnancy she was hospitalized with pre-term labor but was able to delivery a healthy son at 36 weeks gestation.


Since Wendelin had a positive experience with the Resident Continuity Clinic, she trusted them for all of her other pregnancies. Because she delivered a near term infant, she was again monitored for preterm labor. Her second pregnancy was complicated by pneumonia and was again hospitalized until which time she was able to deliver her second healthy son at 37 weeks gestation.


She was seen at the clinic for her third and fourth pregnancies and remained healthy through those pregnancies. Her daughter was born at 38 weeks and her third son was born at 35 weeks. All four of her children were born healthy and were able to stay with her during her hospitalization.


Wendelin is a patient again of the Resident Continuity Clinic, she is expecting her fifth child in the August 2010. Over the ten years since she was first referred to the clinic, Wendelin enjoys a comfort level with the staff that has remained constant. Through the years, she has bonded with not only the medical team, but also the office staff. She feels confident that she will receive the best care not only for herself, but also for her babies. She is very thankful for the treatment she has received at the Resident Continuity Clinic.