UW Hospital and Clinics Lands on Leapfrog Group's First Top Hospitals List

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MADISON - As an organization that surveys and tracks quality and safety at nearly 1,300 hospitals nationwide, The Leapfrog Group can tell you a lot about what the nation's safest, most patient-focused hospitals look like:
  • Most of them have or are implementing computerized physician order entry systems to prevent medical errors.
  • Most have procedures in place to avoid surgeons operating on the wrong part of a patient's body.
  • Most require pharmacists to review all medication orders before medication is given to patients.
  • Most, in short, are like University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, one of only 59 U.S. hospitals to be named to the Leapfrog Group's first-ever Top Hospitals list.

The Leapfrog Group, a consortium of public and private organizations that purchase health care, has been tracking and measuring hospital quality since 2002, but this is the first time the group has released a top-performers list.


This year, 1,263 hospitals submitted survey data as part of a progress report that measures their commitment to installing key patient safety initiatives. Based on a set of practices endorsed by the National Quality Forum's (NQF) Safe Practices for Better Healthcare: A Consensus Report, the group lists 30 key safety indexes. To score well, a hospital must show significant progress in implementing practices in four particular categories:

  • Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
  • ICU/Intensivist Physician Staffing
  • Evidence-Based Hospital Referral, including coronary artery bypass graft surgery and abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
  • Leapfrog Safe Practices Score

UW Hospital performed well in each of the categories.


"Several years ago, UW Hospital committed our time and resources to making this the safest hospital possible, and measurement tools like the Leapfrog survey show us that we're on the leading edge," says Dr. Carl Getto, senior vice president of medical affairs for UW Hospital and Clinics.

Date Published: 06/20/2007

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