May 16, 2024

UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital honored for maximizing the gift of life

ROCKFORD, Ill. – UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital is recognized as a top performer for saving and improving lives through organ and tissue donation.

During a ceremony in Madison in May, UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital was honored with the Bronze Award of Hope from UW Organ and Tissue Donation. The award recognizes the extensive work of the care team to facilitate organ donation with compassion and efficiency, according to John Patterson, critical care unit manager, UW Health in northern Illinois.

“It is an incredible privilege to serve our donor heroes and their families,” he said. “This recognition reflects the remarkable dedication of our critical care team to honor the decision of donor heroes and support their families while providing hope to those awaiting the gift of life.”

The award is based on two measurements. One is the true conversion rate, which calculates the percentage of medically eligible donors that become actual donors. The other measurement is organs transplanted per donor, which evaluates the average number of organs recovered from each donor. Hospitals can earn a gold, silver or bronze Award of Hope. A rate of organs transplanted per donor of 3.25 earns a bronze award, a true conversion rate of at least 75% earns a silver award, and meeting both metrics earns a gold award.

“Hospitals play a pivotal role in the life-saving journey of organ donation and transplantation,” said Michael Anderson, executive director of UW Organ and Tissue Donation. “We are grateful to the entire team at UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital for their diligent efforts to ensure that those who are waiting for a transplant will get a second chance at life.”

UW Organ and Tissue Donation is a federally designated organ procurement organization serving more than 100 hospitals in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois.