UW Health Receives Excellence in Energy Efficiency Award

Left to Right: Jeff Reynolds, Madison Gas & Electric; Mary Evers Statz, UW Health; Jolene Sheil, Public Service Commission; and Mark Lydon, Focus on EnergyFocus on Energy, a statewide program that empowers the people and businesses of Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with enduring economic benefits, presented UW Health with the 2017 Excellence in Energy Efficiency Award on May 24.


“In partnership with Madison Gas and Electric and other Wisconsin utilities, we are proud to recognize UW Health and Mary Evers Statz with the 2017 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award, for your continued commitment to investment in sustainability-driven decisions that provide near-term value and long-term economic returns,” stated Mark Lydon, business advisor for Focus on Energy.


Since 2013, UW Health has improved energy performance by 18 percent and reduced energy costs by $900,000 despite an increase in square footage of 600,000.


“Please join us in congratulating the leadership and staff of UW Health. With management like this, the same caring and attention shown to patients is likewise extended to the community and environment at large.” concluded Lydon during the award presentation.


Date Published: 06/26/2017

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