UW Health Notifies Patients of Privacy Incident

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UW Health announced today that it is sending letters to certain patients about a privacy incident. UW Health learned on August 3, 2016, that patient satisfaction surveys were addressed "To the parents or guardians [patient's name]" of some adult patients and mailed between July 29, 2016, and August 2, 2016. The enclosed cover letter was accurately addressed to the patient, and included the name of the healthcare provider who treated the patient. 


UW Health determined that the cause was an improperly formatted computer file and quickly prevented any further misaddressed mailings from being sent to patients.


This incident did not affect all UW Health patients, only some patients who came to one of UW Health facilities or clinics and received the letter.


In response to this incident, UW Health has re-educated staff involved in order to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Date Published: 09/30/2016

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