UW Health Honors 2013 Patient Experience Physician Champions

Madison, Wisconsin - UW Health recently honored 41 physicians with its second annual Patient Experience Physician Champion Awards.


The awards were presented to providers whose scores on Avatar patient satisfaction surveys ranked among the top 5 percent of the 802 UW Health physicians surveyed in 2012.


These physicians achieved the highest level of exemplary communication skills as recognized by their clinic patients. Responses from three questions on the Avatar survey determined the award winners:

  • My doctor showed care and sensitivity to my needs
  • I was given the chance by my doctor to provide input to decisions about my health care
  • My doctor explained my illness or treatment in a way I could understand

Fourteen Primary Care providers were among the award winners: eight Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine physicians, four Family Medicine providers and two Internal Medicine physicians.


Fifteen specialty areas were represented among the other 27 recipients, including five from Hematology/Medical Oncology, four from Cardiovascular Medicine, three each from Pulmonary Medicine and Endocrinology/Diabetes and two from Obstetrics and Gynecology.


Eight physicians won the award for the second straight year. The third annual Patient Experience Physician Champion Awards will be presented in summer 2014, based on Avatar scores from 2013.


2013 UW Health Patient Experience Physician Champion Award Winners


Primary Care

Dr. Joan Addington-White, Internal Medicine*

Dr. Timothy Chybowski, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine


Dr. Robert Cole, Family Medicine


Dr. M. Bruce Edmonson, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine


Dr. Valerie Gilchrist, Family Medicine


Dr. Julie Gocey, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine


Dr. Karen Hillery, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine


Dr. Catherine Kelley, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine


Dr. Thomas Meier, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine*

Dr. Karen Pletta, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine


Dr. Christine Seibert, Internal Medicine


Dr. Jeffrey Sleeth, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine


Dr. Douglas Smith, Family Medicine*

Dr. Thomas Strick, Family Medicine* (no longer with UW Health)


Specialty Care

Dr. Carolyn Bell, Rheumatology* (retired)

Dr. Eliza Bennett, Obstetrics and Gynecology


Dr. Mark Burkard, Hematology/Medical Oncology


Dr. Laura Buyan Dent, Neurology


Dr. Natalie Callander, Hematology/Medical Oncology


Dr. Ellen Connor, Pediatric Endocrinology


Dr. Rachel Cook, Hematology/Medical Oncology* (no longer at UW Health)

Dr. Dawn Davis, Endocrinology/Diabetes


Dr. Linda Lee Eckhardt, Cardiovascular Medicine


Dr. William Ehlenbach, Pulmonary Medicine


Dr. Diane Elson,  Endocrinology/Diabetes


Dr. Ellen Hartenbach, Gynecologic Oncology


Dr. Robert Hegeman, Hematology/Medical Oncology


Dr. Nizar Jarjour, Pulmonary Medicine


Dr. Dixon Kaufman, Transplant Surgery


Dr. Rita Lloyd, Dermatology


Dr. Deborah McLeish, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation


Dr. Melissa Meredith, Endocrinology/Diabetes


Dr. Karen Moncher, Cardiovascular Medicine


Dr. John Morledge, Cardiovascular Medicine


Dr. Richard Page, Cardiovascular Medicine


Dr. Richard Pauli, Pediatric Genetics*


Dr. Michele Pipp-Dahm, Hematology/Medical Oncology


Dr. Maria Sandgren, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. John Schilling, Pulmonary Medicine*

Dr. Gary Sterken, Ophthalmology and Visual Services


Dr. Anne Traynor, Medical Oncology


* - Also honored in 2012

Date Published: 10/15/2013

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