March 31, 2021

UW Health Announces Reopening of Local Clinics

Madison, Wisconsin - UW Health is excited to announce the reopening of several clinics in Dane County that have been consolidated for the last year due to COVID-19.

The following clinics will reopen over the coming weeks:

"The work of consolidating and deconsolidating select clinics reflects how our health system can quickly and strategically adjust to future surges or infectious disease emergencies while providing access to providers through alternative methods," said Karil Walther, vice president, primary care and population health management, at UW Health.

For much of the pandemic, health systems across the country often needed to adjust where, when, and how we provided care. In addition to the increased use of PPE and COVID-19 screening, many patients met providers in different locations or used telehealth for the first time. While UW Health plans to continue providing flexible options for appointments, this reopening offers additional access to trusted providers.

While the clinics are reopening, there will be some changes. To start, there will be certain reductions in lab services available at these locations. Urine pregnancy tests and mono, strep and fingerstick glucose testing will still be available. Blood will be drawn and sent for testing at other locations. X-ray capabilities remain unchanged.

We look forward to welcoming our patients back to these locations.


Video Visits

When you need urgent care, video visits give you and your family easy access to a provider in minutes on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

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