Summer Art Exhibits at UW Health

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Mandy Kron

Art Coordinator

A number of UW Health patient care locations feature rotating art exhibits that contribute to the healing environment we want to provide for our patients and their friends and families.


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The following exhibits are on display throughout the summer:


Madison Art Guild Summer Salon


Catatonia, by Theresa DrinkaWhere: University Hospital, C5/2 Surgical Waiting area, E5/2 Hospital Entrance, and 2nd Floor Display Cases
600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792

When: June 2-July 28.


Image: Catatonia, by Theresa Drinka


The Madison Art Guild was founded in 1914 to encourage and stimulate the growth of art in the Madison area. It is represented today by over 100 artists offering a wide variety of visual art forms. We encourage artist interaction, provide artistic support, offer educational opportunities and advance the appreciation of art in our community.






WARF Patent Exhibit


WARF patent

Where: University Hospital, 1st Floor, J5/1 Cafeteria Corridor
600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792

When: May 31-July 27.

Website: About WARF

Image: WARF Patent


In the spirit of WARF's mission - to support scientific research within the UW-Madison community - we are presenting to the public a selection of vintage and contemporary patent drawings. Drawings are an integral component of many patents, helping to show how an invention looks, works or stands out from the rest. The images presented here are a mere sampling of our patent files that span almost a century and a breathtaking array of disciplines. This exhibit is a celebration of great ideas, past and present.





Paintings by Leslie Zantow


Storytellers, by Leslie ZantowWhere: University Hospital, 1st Floor, G5/1 Corridor
600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: June 29-August 29.


Image: Storytellers, by Leslie Zantow


Leslie Zantow is a nationally recognized equine and animal artist. She is known for her imaginative animal paintings and her carefully rendered equine drawings. Leslie grew up in rural Wisconsin and has always thought of herself as an artist. She has her BA in Art from UW-Whitewater. Her work is influenced by her experience working with animals and her observation of them in nature.






Teabag Collage Artwork by Siraj Hull


Teabag Collage, by Siraj HullWhere: University Hospital, 1st Floor, J3/1 Carbone Cancer Center Waiting Room
600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: June 28-Sept. 27.

Image: Teabag Collage, by Siraj Hull


Siraj Hull's early childhood and teenage years were influenced by the colorful surroundings of her native Malaysia. Having lived in a multi-cultural environment, varied images, sights, sounds and beautiful landscape undeniably has dominated her artwork.


A decade ago, while living in Nuku'alofa, Tonga, she met and worked with a local artist who used recycled tapa cloth to make 3D artwork. Using some of the same techniques, Siraj has used teabags in a variety of ways to form her 3D artwork.














The Five Painters


Blue Diamond Sunflowers, by David Whitish ScheifelWhere: UW Health at the American Center, 2nd Floor, American Bistro
4602 Eastpark Blvd.
Madison, WI

When: April 26-Aug. 1.

Image: Blue Diamond Sunflowers, by David Whitish Scheifel


The Five Painters have painted and exhibited their artwork together in Madison and other Wisconsin locations for more than 20 years. Each artist has his/her own style and subject matter, but they complement and support each other well. They are also passionate about encouraging the love of art in others by supporting children and youth programs such as Bridging Generations and STAMP, endowing awards at the Wisconsin Regional Artists Program State Show and coordinating regional exhibits for the Wisconsin Regional Art Association.












Fiber Work by Cherie St. Cyr


Bear Paw, by Cherie St. CyrWhere: Signe Skott Cooper School of Nursing, Enroth Hall

When: April 27-Aug. 2.


Image: Bear Paw, by Cherie St. Cyr


"All of my work begins as a bolt of white cloth. I add color using fiber reactive dyes and assorted resists. I am exploring the interplay of warm and cool as I design and stitch my work. I make work for the wall and the bed and take commissions. I am one of the most represented artists at the UW Hospital. My studio is on the near east side of Madison." - Cherie St. Cyr

Date Published: 06/26/2018

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