Ten UW Health Doctors Presented With Physician Excellence Awards

Madison, Wisconsin - UW Health physicians and staff are helping to honor their colleagues through the Physician Excellence Awards, recognizing those who demonstrate exceptional performance in clinical practice, education or regional services and a commitment to our mission, vision and values.


Chris Green, MD, senior vice president, Medical Affairs, and chief medical officer, UW Hospital and Clinics, emceed the awards ceremony on May 5 at the Health Sciences Learning Center. Leadership from UW Medical Foundation, UW Hospital and Clinics and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health recognized 10 physicians with awards in four categories.


Award recipients included:

From the Presentation Ceremony


2015 UW Health physician excellence award recipients


Rising Star Clinical Excellence Award


The Rising Star Clinical Excellence Award honors outstanding clinicians and educators who have, in a more limited tenure at UW Health, demonstrated exceptional and measurable contributions to clinical practice.


Bob Golden, MD, Dean, UW School of Medicine and Public Health, presented the Rising Star awards to Jacob Greenberg, MD, assistant professor of surgery, and Jamie Limjoco, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics.


Greenberg specializes in minimally invasive and bariatric surgery in the Department of Surgery, and, as the director of the UW Health Hernia Center, he is working to establish UW Health as the "go-to" center for advanced and complex hernia repair, one of the featured specialty programs that will operate at UW Health at The American Center.


"It takes a remarkable individual to gain the trust and admiration of this group of patients," said Golden. "Dr. Greenberg accomplishes this with a degree of empathy and compassion unequaled in his profession."


Golden went on to describe Greenberg as a genuinely compassionate and professional physician, who dedicates time to ensuring no question, patient call or order is forgotten. Colleagues applaud his commitment to providing truly patient-centered care by helping navigate complex and life-changing medical decisions, decoding jargon into easily-understood language and working with patients and families to arrive at a plan of care that is mutually agreed upon, realistic and sustainable.


Limjoco has already made significant contributions to UW Health, but her singular most significant contribution has been serving as the initial clinical director for the American Family Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which opened last May. She played a leading role in everything from choosing equipment to training the new team of NICU professionals, even starting IVs when necessary.


In her nomination letter, De-Ann M. Pillers, MD, professor and chief of neonatology and newborn medicine, describes Limjoco's commitment to the NICU, often working 100 hours per week in preparation for the opening.


"I have seen her being so exhausted that she could barely stand up," Pillers says, "and yet, has never been less than the consummate professional, regardless of how tired she is nor how much work lies ahead. Somehow, she manages to get it all done, and is able to inspire others to excellence in the process."


Clinical Educator Excellence Award


The Physician Excellence Clinical Educator award recognizes outstanding educators, with significant emphasis on teaching residents and medical students, as well as other interdisciplinary team members, patients and their families. Golden presented the Clinical Educator Excellence award to Jeffrey Kanne, MD, associate professor of radiology and Yoram Shenker, MD, professor of medicine.


Kanne lectures and teaches trainees daily at the UW, and is consistently rated one of the top educators in the department. He's also a highly sought-after lecturer, switching seamlessly from on-campus education to lecturing to practicing radiologists on a national and international stage, as well as online through a weekly national webinar in which academic institutions share and discuss interesting cases.


As a teacher, Kanne's "constant enthusiasm is infectious and promotes an atmosphere of ongoing questions and discovery in the reading room," said Golden.


And as a diagnostician, he can make relevant observations at lightning speed and synthesize vast amounts of information into a well-focused diagnosis.


For more than 25 years, Shenker, who's widely recognized and highly regarded as a leader in endocrine education at UW Health, has played an integral role in teaching the next generation of physicians about diabetes and endocrine disorders.


During his time as endocrine fellowship director, Shenker set the standard for excellence, developing a coherent, well-organized and comprehensive program that's still used today.


"He leads by example as a physician with a comprehensive knowledge of endocrine pathophysiology who seamlessly incorporates teaching into his clinical practice to the mutual benefit of his trainees and patients," said Golden.


Clinical Practice Excellence Award


The Clinical Practice Excellence Award honors outstanding clinicians who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to safety and quality patient-and-family centered care.


Jeffrey Grossman, MD, President and CEO of UW Medical Foundation, presented the Clinical Practice Excellence Awards to Kristin Bradley, MD, associate professor of human oncology; Bartho Caponi, MD, clinical associate professor of medicine; and James Maloney, MD, associate professor of surgery.


Patients universally rave about Bradley, who provides compassionate, meticulous and efficient care through individually-considered treatment decisions.


"She is a remarkably talented, compassionate and productive physician," said Grossman. "Her kindness to patients and their families and her commitment to their medical and overall welfare are constant and exceptional."


Bradley joined the UW faculty in 2005 and has made significant contributions to the area of oncology at UW Health. She's developed strong and loyal relationships with referring physicians, who value her responsiveness and trust her expertise and collaborative spirit, and she's not afraid to serve as team leader when needed.


It's not uncommon for Caponi to explain everything in detail to his patients, and then return to the bedside later in the day to explain the same information again when family is present. Caponi spends considerable and thoughtful time with his patients, tailoring his message to each patient and carefully answering their questions. His extensive clinical knowledge and passion for constant learning helps him make excellent decisions regarding his patients' care.


Caponi's greatest attribute, said Grossman, may be his ability to work with many different types of patients, families, physicians and interdisciplinary colleagues. He does this in positive, upbeat ways that are both supportive but realistic as he provides clinical coverage for some of the most complex medical patients at UW Health.


Maloney's humble refrain, "I'm just a simple, country doctor," exemplifies a quiet brilliance, given his achievements and commitment to his profession. According to Grossman, Maloney single-handedly maintained the thoracic surgery service for UW Hospital, the VA, and Meriter for over a year, and at the same time, built a nationally-recognized program in lung volume reduction surgery, doing it all with composure and grace—and without complaint.


He also supports innovation in his team, yet holds them accountable for their individual actions, creating an environment of mutual respect. He freely shares his solicitous insight through easy and approachable interactions between colleagues, nurses, support staff and residents.


"Dr. Maloney stands out as a true role model and exemplifies the qualities necessary to be an exceptional clinical leader," said Grossman.


In an increasingly specialized health care landscape, he can connect with his patients to help them understand the complexities of their care, and often takes the time to use drawings and photos as educational tools to help patients and families understand their care.


Regional Services Excellence Award


The Regional Services Excellence Award recognizes physicians who exemplify UW Health's strategic priority in providing extraordinary regional services care for patients at neighboring health care facilities in Wisconsin and beyond.


Ron Sliwinski, President and CEO of UW Hospital and Clinics, presented the award to Kathleen Maginot, MD, associate professor of pediatrics; Daniel Mulkerin, MD, associate professor of medicine; and David Wargowski, MD, professor of pediatrics.


Kathleen Maginot has been providing excellent pediatric patient care in the Fox Valley area for over five years, and can often be seen showing outstanding compassion by walking patients and families out to the front desk for check-out or extending a thank you for letting her care for their child.


"Dr. Maginot demonstrates the UW Health mission, vision and values during each clinic," said Sliwinski. "She strives for excellence in the care she provides and promotes UW Health to those from outside of the Madison area."


Maginot continues to teach pediatric residents at UW Health and welcomes local Family Practice residents to join her in caring for her patients at the regional clinic, part of her never-ending commitment to educational outreach. She is excited to share her knowledge of medicine with others and is an outstanding teacher.


Since joining UW Health, Mulkerin—who also serves as regional director of the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center regional cancer center network—has demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills, passion for clinical excellence and compassion for our patients.


Mulkerin is a knowledgeable and scholarly physician, who shows respect and warmth to everyone he works with. Although the medical and organizational issues he deals with are sometimes complex and contentious, Mulkerin is always willing to take them on with his thoughtful approach and a positive outlook, staying calm and focused.


Wargowski is passionate about providing extraordinary care to pediatric patients in outlying communities. His outstanding communication skills help him communicate with patients at what may be the most difficult time in their lives.


"His ability to discuss and disseminate difficult information with such great respect and empathy for the patient is far above expectations for most medical geneticists," said Sliwinski.


Colleagues and staff also find he provides great respect in his professional relationships, and is easily accessible. The relationships he has built with other subspecialists who service our regional clinics allow for better medical care for his patients.


Physician Excellence Award Nominees

Date Published: 05/08/2015

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