Provider Notes Now Available in MyChart

After a doctor’s appointment, have you ever found yourself trying to recall a certain detail of your conversation or care plan? You are not alone. Studies show that most patients remember less than half of what they discuss with their medical professionals.


To make sure you don’t miss important information about your health care, UW Health has added a new feature in MyChart that allows you to review details of your visit, as captured by your provider. Shared notes can help make sure that you and your healthcare team are on the same page.


“Open Notes” is a growing movement to make healthcare more transparent and accessible. Today, more than 27 million people can read their provider notes when and where they want through convenient, digital access. This is a key advance in patient- and family-centered care, enabling you to take a more active role in managing your health.


Benefits of Having Access to Provider Notes

Research has found that of patients who read provider notes:

  • 87 percent felt more in control of their care
  • 85 percent reported better understanding of their health condition
  • 72 percent said they took better care of themselves

Reading provider notes has also been shown to help patients:

  • Recall their care plan more accurately and better prepare for visits
  • More frequently take their medications as prescribed
  • Have better conversations and stronger relationships with their providers

Take Control of Your Health Care Through Your Medical Information

Information is power. Access to your medical information can help you ask better questions and make more confident decisions about your health. Whether you are reviewing your treatment plan or thinking through different care options, the ability to read, review, and refer to your notes makes it easier for you and care professionals to make informed, thoughtful decisions. Having access to what your provider writes deepens the trust between you and your health care team. It’s a win-win.


At this time, provider notes are only available on the desktop version of MyChart. Check out the new Notes feature in your MyChart account. Log into the portal today. Not currently on MyChart? Learn how you can get started.




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Effective Date


UW Health patients can review provider notes in MyChart for visits that have taken place September 25, 2018 and after (notes prior to this date will not be posted in MyChart).


Content Credit: We acknowledge, with gratitude, the OpenNotes team ( for the research statistics and tips shared in this article.



Date Published: 09/25/2018

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