Arrived safe and sound

February 14


Girma  and Ryan

Here is my first blog from Ethiopia. Ryan Wubben, an emergency medicine MD from the UW, and myself traveled yesterday for over 26 hours.


The flights were all pretty much on time and more importantly all our luggage arrived. We were met at the airport by Girma Tefera, a vascular surgeon from the UW, who started this whole project.


We arrived at night, and it was good to not have to wear a jacket outside as the temperature was in the 60s.  After several months of snow it was a nice change. 


Some of my first impressions about Addis this trip are differences between some of the taller building and good main roads which many times are right next to some shanty towns.


It's a reminder of how well Ethiopia is doing, stable government, strong economic growth and how much more needs to be done.


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Date Published: 02/14/2010

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