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Ron Skoronski; Donor SpotlightMADISON - When Ron Skoronski (pictured left) was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2007, it gave him the chance to reflect on what was truly important to him.

"It became evident that there was an opportunity to positively impact the lives of lymphoma patients by working with the University of Wisconsin. The UW has an incredible reputation in scientific and medical research," said Skoronski. "When I met my hematologist, Dr. Brad Kahl, everything came together."

Kahl focuses on developing new treatments for patients with lymphoma, which is a cancer of the lymphatic system. There are approximately 40 different kinds of lymphoma.

"Our mission is clear and simple. It is to improve outcomes for patients with lymphoma," said Kahl.

According to Kahl, this requires a three pronged attack:
  • clinical trials (studies with lymphoma patients)
  • translational research (studying the tumors cells from patients)
  • basic science research (studying lymphoma cells in test tubes and animal models)
Kahl notes that several advances have been made by hiring new staff to accelerate the pace of clinical research; organizing a research working group consisting of clinicians, pathologists and scientists; as well as focusing efforts on construction of new laboratory space in the Interdisciplinary Research Complex, currently under construction.

"All of these initiatives are made possible by the Lymphoma Research Fund. The fund is the brainchild of Ron Skoronski. Ron is a visionary who set the tone for the entire fund by personally donating $1 million," said Kahl. "He is now dedicating his time and effort to grow this fund and to shepherd these dollars so that they have maximum impact on our mission."

For more information about the Skoronski Lymphoma Research Fund, please contact Kelly Sitkin.

Date Published: 06/11/2008

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