November 28, 2023

The dangers of diverted skin care products

Are there times when a good deal on a skin care product really is too good to be true? Unfortunately, yes and it is more common than many consumers realize.

When you purchase a skin care product, you may see a label on the packaging that states the product is only guaranteed when sold in a licensed salon or spa. For example, on Revision Skincare's website is the statement, “Revision Skincare products are sold EXCLUSIVELY through Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and other Authorized Revision Skincare Professionals & Retailers.”

When you see these same products on the shelves of grocery stores or even online retailers it may be that the product has been diverted. Product diversion happens when products that are meant for exclusive distribution at a specific retailer – like a salon – end up on the shelves of "unauthorized" places, like a large retail store. Diversion is very common with salon-quality hair product, and now increasingly, with skin care products as well.

"Diverted" products are not the same quality

Diverted products are obtained through what’s known as the “gray” market. That means the products have not been obtained through the regular distribution channels. Many times the products are expired and have been sitting in non-climate controlled warehouses. While the packaging may look identical and the product itself seem like the real thing, diverted skin and hair care products can be counterfeit, old, diluted or contain harmful bacteria. These products may not be safe to use and could cause irritation or infection. Products purchased from an “unauthorized” retailer are not guaranteed by the manufacturer to be authentic and perform as tested.

How to make sure you're buying the "real thing"

The easiest way to ensure the quality of any product is to purchase it from an authorized retailer, such as UW Health Transformations. Oftentimes you can purchase directly from the manufacturer's website as well.

With so many products on the market, it can be hard to know what is right for you. The medical aestheticians at UW Health Transformations work with you to make specific product recommendations based on your skin type and desired skin care goal.