Child Life Program Cooks Up National Siblings Day Party

Madison, Wisconsin - The Child Life program at American Family Children's Hospital held its fourth annual Sibling Party on April 9 at the Madison Children's Museum.


The celebration, held one day before National Siblings Day, included 11 siblings and eight parents. Invitations were sent to siblings whose families had used Tyler's Place during the previous two years.


The Sibling Party had a cooking theme. Led by the staff of Bean Sprouts café, the siblings made pizza self-portraits, strawberry mice and lollipop cupcakes.


After eating the tasty treats, awards - including cookie mix with rolling pin and cookie cutter and personalized aprons were given out.


There also were raffles for a large stuffed horse, dog and bear, and the siblings then were free to explore the museum with their parents.





Date Published: 04/18/2011

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