Microsurgery Reunion and 11th Annual Skull Base Course


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Friday and Saturday, May 3-4, 2019


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Microsurgery Reunion

Friday, May 3, 2019 | 8:30am-6:30pm

University Hospital

600 Highland Ave

Madison, WI (Map and directions)

Clinical Science Center (CSC), G5/119


Join Us for:

  • Case presentations
  • 2D and 3D surgical video demonstrations
  • Working lunch

11th Annual Skull Base Course

Saturday, May 4, 2019 | 7am-6:30pm

University Hospital

600 Highland Ave

Madison, WI (Map and directions)

Clinical Science Center (CSC), G5/119 (Lectures), Lincoln Ramirez Surgical Skills Lab K4/417 (Dissections)

  • Residents and fellows will be able to perform dissections
  • Neurosurgeons and ENTs are welcome to attend and observe the dissections

Agendas for Friday and Saturday


Agenda for Friday, May 3


Time Topic Presenter
8:30am Welcome and introduction Mustafa K. Baskaya, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
8:35am Grapefruit Bypass Model for Training of A3-A3 Interhemispheric Bypass Ulas Cikla, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Inter-Hemispheric Approaches for AVM Resection, Illustrated, Anterior, Middle and Posterior


Emergency Far-lateral Approach for Ruptured Lesions in the Middle of the Night


Anterior Petrous Resection for Access to the Pons for Various Pathology

Nirav Patel, MD, Brigham & Women, Harvard

Petroclival Meningioma with Minimal Posterior Fossa Extension - Resection with Anterior Clinoidectomy


Surgical Treatment of Giant Previously Coiled Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysm


Endoscopic Resection of Planum Shpenoidale Meningioma

Kutluay Uluc, MD, Oregon Health and Science University
9:50am Surgical Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia: Microvascular Decompression versus Percutaneous Radio-Frequency Rhizomotomy Andrew Grande, MD, University of Minnesota
10:10am Incorporating Navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Into Vascular Neurosurgery: Preoperative Motor and Language Mapping Osaama Khan, MD, MSc, Northwestern University

STA-MCA Bypass for Moyamoya Disease - Pearls and Pitfalls


Refractory Moyamoya Disease - Omental Transposition Bypass


Bypass for Complex MCA Fusiform Aneurysm - Technique and Nuances

Raphael Sacho, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

Two-stage Resection of Thalamic Gliomas: Video Demonstration in 3 Cases


Microsurgical Resection of Recurrent/Previously Radiated Hemagiopericytoma in the Infratemporal Fossa


Management of Lenticulostriate Arteries Engulfed Within the GBM in the Dominant Insula: Demonstration of Microsurgical Technique


Sima Sayyahmelli, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Simplified Surgical Management of Ponto-Cerebellar Lesion


Management of Foramen Magnum Dural AV Fistulae


A Rare and Unexpected Cerebellar Lesion with an Unexpcted Course

Eric Sauvageau, MD, Baptist Medical Center, Jacksonville

Treatment of Giant Posterior Communicating Segment Aneurysm of the Supraclinoid ICA with EC-IC Bypass and Trapping


Bonnet Bypass From Conralateral STA-to-Ipsilateral M2 with Saphenous Vein

Burak Ozaydin, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
12:30 Lunch Break, Room G5/114  

Microsurgical Skills: How Do We Learn?

Kim Hamilton, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Case Presentation with Surgical Video: Clipping of Ruptured Multiple Pedicle Aneurysms and Obliteration of Arterial-to-Arterial Brain Stem Malformation

Yiping Li, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Demonstration of Basic Prinicples of Microsurgial Resection of AVMs


Extended Middle Fossa and Transcavernous Approach in Resection of Dumbbell-shaped Giant Trigeminal Schwannoma


Mustafa Baskaya, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2pm Surgical Treatment of Posterior Cerebral Artery Aneurysms Junichi Yamamato, MD, PhD, Albany Medical Center

Endoscopic Endonasal Approach for Giant Pituitary Adenoma


Supracerebellar Infratentorial Approach for Posterior Third Ventricular Tumor

Nathan Zwagerman, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

Spinal Cord AVM Video Illustration for Partial Resection


Giant Aneurysm Management from Simple to Complex

Nirav Patel, MD, Brigham & Women, Harvard

Surgical Treatment of Guiant Fusiform Aneurysm of Proximal Pericallosal Artery with Trapping and STA-to-A3 Bypass with Radial Artery Interposition Graft


Role of Extradural Clinoidectomy and Optic Unroofing in Resection of Clinoidal Meningioma - Encasement of ICA and its Branches


Mircorvascular Decompression of V3 Branch of Trigeminal Nerve: A Rare Case of Vascular Compression by Petrous ICA

Mustafa K. Baskaya, MD,
University of Wisconsin-Madison
4pm Tumor and Stroke Program at Carle Ben Miranpuri, MD, and Wael Mostafa, MD,
Carle Medical Center, Champaign-Urbana
4:20pm Interpreting the Rhoton Legacy in the Age of Virtual/Augmented Reality: An Interactive VR Skull Base Exploration Michael Walsh, MD, Northwestern University
4:40pm Hemostasis Management Myth and Preconceptions Ahmet Atik, MD, Cleveland Clinic
4:55pm Sodium Fluorescein Guided Resection of GBMs-Techniques and Outcomes Sanjay Bhatia, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
5:10pm Complication Avoidance in Intracranial Microsurgery Ramu Tummala, MD, University of Minnesota

Agenda for Saturday, May 4


Time Topic Presenter
7am Introduction Mustafa K. Baskaya, MD, University of Wisconsin
7:05am Orbitozygomatic Approach, Anterior Clinoidectomy and Unlocking the Cavernous Sinus
Lecture and Dissection
Mustafa K. Baskaya, MD, University of Wisconsin
10:45am Middle Fossa Approach and Kawase Approaches
Lecture and Dissection
Joseph Roche, MD, University of Wisconsin
12:45pm Case Presentations with Surgical Video Demo
Working Lunch
Mustafa K. Baskaya, MD, University of Wisconsin
1:45pm Retrosigmoid Approach
Ramu Tummala, MD, University of Minnesota
2pm Extracranial to Intracranial Bypass
Nirav Patel, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
2:45pm Far Lateral Transcondylar Approach
Nathan Zwagerman, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin
3pm Break - Coffee available in K4/418  
3:15pm Retrosigmoid Approach and Far Lateral Transcondylar Approach
6:15pm Plating and Closure
Mustafa K. Baskaya, MD, University of Wisconsin
6:30pm Wrap-up/Adjournment