Healthcare Provider Work Sampling Consulting Services


Jeff Ulrich BSN, RN

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Healthcare Provider Work Sampling Consulting Services

  • Is a process of measures that identifies potential inefficiencies in current workflows by using quantitative/qualitative analysis of data.
  • Identifying best practice patterns and standards of care
  • Patient care giver activities included in the analysis are:
    • Direct Care: Includes activities directly related to a specific patient or family performed at the patient bedside
    • Indirect Care: Includes activities related to the patient but not occurring at the patient bedside.
    • Unit Related: Includes activities that are essential for the functioning of the unit but not related to any patient specifically.
    • Personal Time: Includes breaks, meals, personal phone calls

Our Philosophy


To use evidence-based best practice as the framework for growth, to improve patient outcomes and increase operational efficiencies in patient care.


Who do we support?


Currently providing services for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections