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teen girl scrubbing her face; teen acne; UW Health Transformations Jeune Skin Care; Madison, WisconsinAcne is so common in puberty that it's considered a normal part of being a teenager. Knowing that doesn't always make it easier when you are looking in the mirror at a huge pimple in the middle of your forehead.


So, what is teen acne, and what can you do about it?


The leading cause of teen acne is hormones. During puberty, the body starts producing hormones known as androgens that contribute to acne. Boys and girls produce different amounts of androgens that are used differently in females than males.


In fact, excess amounts of these hormones will cause the sebaceous (oil) glands to become overactive. Normally, oil produced at normal levels will be excreted through your skin's surface.


When oil is over-produced, it combines with dead skin cells. The cells and oil clump together, forming a sticky plug, resulting in acne. This combination traps oil and bacteria, clogging the pore and making it impossible for the oil being produced to reach the skin surface. Instead of being released, the oil is now trapped, causing inflammation.


In addition to hormones, other triggers of teen acne include:

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  • Improper skin care


  • Food allergies
  • Nutritional imbalance

Heredity is also a factor. If one or both parents experienced acne as a teen, it is likely their children will, as well.


Acne is difficult to treat at times because the many possible factors that lead to it. If a teen has oily skin or acne, it's usually the first thought to use aggressive products. However, teenage skin is very sensitive and vulnerable to these harsh products, worsening the problem.


Because acne varies between each individual, the best solution to treatment is to seek the advice of a professional. Dermatologists and medical aestheticians can give easy tips and good suggestions on caring for teenage skin and the most suitable products or treatments.




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