Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
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The Transformations Clinic and Transformations Surgery Center, Inc., are located on the far west side of Madison, in Middleton, Wisconsin
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woman with smooth skin, hair removalHair removal techniques are offered by experts at UW Health Transformations on the far west side of Madison, Wisconsin, in Middleton. At Transformations, we use the latest technology to help those who desire smoother, silkier skin without using razors or waxes.

If you are interested in laser hair removal, your first appointment will be a laser hair removal consultation with our Transformations cosmetic surgery nurse practitioner. Your laser hair removal treatments will then be administered by our Jeune Skin Care Medical Aestheticians, under the direct supervision of our Transformations doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions: Laser Hair Removal

How does hair removal work?

Advances in medicine now make it possible to supplement surgical treatment with laser technology, leaving patients with minimal pain and scarring. With laser treatments, a high-energy beam of light transfers energy into select areas of tissue, treating damaged skin and preserving healthy tissue.

Hair removal is a popular non-surgical, non-invasive technique for permanent removal of unwanted hair. During laser hair-removal treatment, a low energy laser passes through the patient's skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. With each treatment, a percentage of the follicles are instantly and permanently disabled. No anesthesia is typically necessary.

What should I expect following a hair removal treatment?

You will experience very minimal, if any, discomfort and can return to normal activities immediately following the procedure. Sometimes patients experience localized, temporary skin redness or swelling following treatments.

You may need to use a specially-formulated skin care product following laser treatment for hair removal. You will also need to use sunscreen for treated areas during sun exposure.

Multiple laser treatments are typically required to achieve desired result.
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