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Q. I have noticed that over the summer, I have developed brown spots on my face. What causes these spots to develop, and will they go away? 


A. The discolored areas that develop on our skin is a common, usually harmless skin condition called hyperpigmentation.


This darkening of the skin occurs when brown pigment, called melanin, forms deposits in the skin. Melanin absorbs the energy of the sun's UV rays in order to protect the skin from overexposure.


Age spots, freckles and old acne scars can become darker and more pronounced when the skin is exposed to the sun. Using a good sunscreen containing both UVA and UVB protection is important in preventing these spots.


Once the brown patch has developed, future sun exposure will continue to darken it. However, this frustrating skin condition can be treated with topical products and treatments.


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Products that contain hydroquinone, kojic acid and phytic acid all work to lighten the darkened pigment by inhibiting the production of melanin. Retin A and chemical peels rapidly exfoliate the damaged outer layers of the skin where melanin is deposited, to reveal healthy, new skin cells.


Over time and treatment, the pigment cells in our skin can become regulated and the discoloration gradually fades back to the normal skin tone.


Jeune Skin Care is excited to carry Obagi Medical Skin Care systems. Many of the products in this medical grade skin care line not only promote overall skin care rejuvenation, but target hyperpigmentation. Within 4 to 8 weeks, visible improvement in overall skin health and appearance can be achieved.


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