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Q. What foods can benefit my skin?


MangoA. When it comes to your health, the outside reflects the inside. A dull complexion can be a reflection we are not eating right.


In fact, the foods that keep us looking younger are cheaper and easier on the planet! What foods give you glowing results?




This creamy, green fruit is abundant in essential oils and B-complex vitamins that nourish your skin. Avocados contain oodles of niacin, a B vitamin and anti-inflammatory for red, blotchy skin.




Mangoes have more than 80 percent of your daily requirements of vitamin A, which is why they are a great face food. Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radical damage and maintains and repairs skin cells. A deficiency will result in a dry, flaky complexion.




Almonds contain 150 percent of your daily need for vitamin E. Vitamin E's rich oil moisturizes skin and is also an antioxidant that protects against premature aging.


Cottage Cheese


Who would have thought? Cottage cheese contains selenium, an essential mineral that can help protect against damage, skin cancer and even fight dandruff.


Baked Potatoes


Eat one baked potato (with the skin) to get 75 percent of your daily copper need. Copper works with vitamin C and zinc to produce elastin fibers that support skin structure. A deficiency of copper can cause skin to lose the ability to heal and become lifeless. French fries don't count!


Flaxseed Oil


It is no hidden secret that Omega 3s are great for your skin. Not only do they hydrate skin, they dilute sebum and unclog pores that can lead to acne.


These are just a few examples of the wonder foods that make us beautiful. So, put your best face forward with a better diet and you will certainly reap the benefits.


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