Dr. Mark Lucarelli Explains Cosmetic Laser Treatment Options


Share This StoryThe Sciton Joule Laser at UW Health Transformations has unmatched versatility and precision and is considered best in class for skin rejuvenation. This device has tremendous capabilities to address a wide variety of cosmetic skin concerns.

Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Lucarelli, MD
For the patient who is motivated to improve his or her skin, the Sciton Joule offers many options: 

Broad Band Light


One option, Broad Band Light (BBL) is state-of-the-art for non-invasive skin rejuvenation. BBL is effective at improving brown spots caused by aging and sun damage. BBL can also be used to treat facial redness, rosacea, and small blood vessels. Additionally, it is a powerful option in the treatment of acne.
Often, BBL is recommended as a series of 3 treatments spaced by a few weeks. The treatments are performed more frequently for acne. With BBL, light filters are used to tailor the treatments to an individual's unique skin type. Ideally, results are maintained with one or two additional treatments annually. With BBL there is no down time.
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The Sciton Joule also has exciting laser skin resurfacing capabilities. With the MicroLaserPeel it is possible for the physician to remove a precise thin layer of damaged skin. This allows superficial blemishes and pigment irregularities to be removed. As the skin heals, smoother texture and more uniform pigment typically result. These changes add up to more radiant, healthier-appearing skin.
The MicroLaserPeel typically takes 15-20 minutes and is usually performed as a series of several treatments, sometimes in combination with other laser or light options. The MicroLaserPeel depth can be customized from 10-50 microns with skin healing ranging from 1 day to approximately 4 or 5 days. Because of this rapid healing, the MicroLaserPeel is considered a "weekend peel."
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ProFractional Therapy

The ProFractional mode of the Sciton Joule allows for "fractional" resurfacing of the skin, in which only a fraction of the skin surface is treated at each session. With the ProFractional mode, the computer-generated pattern of the laser creates thousands of microscopic channels in the skin. The physician can customize the depth of these channels to the needs and features of the patient's skin and to the downtime that is practical for the patient.
The untreated skin adjacent to the treated area allows for much more rapid healing than in conventional laser resurfacing, in which 100 percent of the skin surface is ablated. As the skin heals, new collagen is deposited resulting in better skin quality.
ProFractional laser treatments are usually performed as a series of several treatments with each session separated by several weeks' time.
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Contour TRL

The Contour TRL mode of the Joule allows for full-field resurfacing. The treatment depth is varied according to the patient's goals and skin features. Different depths of treatment are selected for different areas of the face. This form of resurfacing is often chosen by patients with more severe skin damage and those who are able to tolerate longer periods of healing and skin redness after the procedure.
The healing regimen is more involved with Contour compared with ProFractional, and skin redness typically persists 2-3 weeks, depending on depth of treatment and patient factors. Accordingly, more dramatic results are possible with Contour with a single treatment session.
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Post-Treatment Skin Care

With all of the above treatments, it is essential to avoid unprotected sun exposure after the treatment. Avoiding exposure to ultraviolet light in the post-treatment period helps to minimize the chance of complications and to assure the best possible result.
Additionally, careful, long-term protection with sunscreen is crucial in maintaining results and in slowing additional skin aging. Numerous high-quality broad-spectrum sunscreens are available. The knowledgeable aestheticians at Transformations Jeune Skin Care can help with recommendations for an ideal regimen of sunscreen and other skin care products.
The Sciton Joule is a remarkably effective and versatile advancement for skin rejuvenation. Combined with the knowledge and expertise of UW Health physicians, this exciting technology allows for previously unprecedented possibilities in skin rejuvenation.

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