Infusion Center

When a patient needs intravenous (IV) medication for treatment, UW Health has dedicated nurses and pharmacists who specialize in infusion therapy.
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Infusion Center

What is infusion therapy?

Infusion therapy delivers a liquid directly into a patient's vein, rather than through the mouth. Infusion therapy is often provided as a medical treatment or is offered to offset side effects of other treatments. 

Infusion therapies are most often used for patients undergoing

  • Chronic illness

  • Dehydration

  • Infection

  • Immune deficiency

  • Rheumatoid arthritis


We offer many amenities to make your visits as relaxed as possible, including:

  • Comfortable, infusion bays private areas to receive your treatment; a friend or family member is welcome to stay with you

  • Entertainment options, including television

  • Delicious meals available for purchase from hospital room service

  • Option of using a reclining chair or bed during your infusion

  • Large waiting area for family and friends


Services provided

  • Apheresis

  • Stem cell collection for bone marrow transplant patients

  • Therapeutic phlebotomy

  • Administration of blood products

  • Fluid hydration

  • Urgent same day infusion therapy per clinic request

  • Home infusion pump disconnection

  • Chemotherapy and supportive therapies as adjunct care to the UW Carbone Cancer Center

Services are also provided at:

Unity Point Health-Meriter Infusion Center
Meriter Hospital, 2 Atrium
202 S. Park Street.
Madison, WI 53715
Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM-8:30 PM
Sat, Sun, Holidays, 8:00 AM-2:30 PM
(608) 417-5660

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