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A living kidney donation champion is a person who shares the message that a living kidney donor is needed for someone they know. Their efforts increase the number of people who may consider living donation.


A living donation champion can be the spouse, partner, family member or close friend of the person who needs a kidney transplant.


Some patients may have more than one champion. For example, one can be a social media champion and one could focus on other ways to spread the news that a living donor is needed. Sometimes a donor champion is a person who wanted to be a living donor, but could not due to medical or other reasons.


Some donation champions end up deciding that they want to be a living donor. Anyone can be a living donation champion!


Murrel, John's wife, shared, "It was my calling to be John’s living donor champion, and he got the kidney he needed!"

Champions are Important


Living with kidney disease is very difficult. People who have kidney disease often do not like to talk about it or the fact that they need a transplant. Living donation champions offer hope and help. People who have a living donation champion have a better chance of receiving a living donor transplant.

What does a Champion Do?


There are many ways a living donation champion can spread the message that a living donor is needed. There is no financial cost for being someone’s living donor champion.

Your time and effort are all that is needed. Ideas for champions include:


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Request a supply of our living donation promotion cards or additional materials. These materials can help educate people on the process of living kidney donation.


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