Chartwell Midwest Wisconsin

Contact Information
(608) 831-8555 or
(800) 730-8555
Chartwell Midwest Wisconsin provides home infusion therapy products and services as well as certain intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. Our nurse liaisons will assess your need and candidacy for home care, begin teaching you about your home care therapy, and assist your clinical team in an efficient discharge. Throughout the course of your home infusion therapy, our clinical team will monitor your progress. We will also discuss your progress with you and your physician.
Chartwell Midwest Wisconsin is an affiliate of University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and Chartwell Home Therapies, LP. We accept referrals directly from patients, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes throughout our service area. Our service area includes Wisconsin, northeastern Iowa and northern Illinois.
Chartwell Midwest Wisconsin services include: 
  • Infusion therapy products and services, including:
    • Antibiotic therapy
    • Parenteral therapy (TPN)
    • Pain management
    • Chemotherapy
    • Other specialized therapies
  • Individualized care plan
  • PICC line placement
  • Specialized pharmacy and nursing services
  • 24-hour, 7-day-a-week service