HIV Clinic Pharmacist-Helping Make Sense of Complex Medications

Contact Information in Wisconsin

(608) 263-0946
(800) 323-8942

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The pharmacists in the HIV clinic have a detailed understanding of the medications used for the treatment of HIV, as well as medications for other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or mental health therapy. We meet with patients while they are at clinic visits with their provider to make sure that the medications they are taking are accurate. In addition, we review for medication interactions, side effects a patient might be having, and how often they are taking medications.


We work together with patients to come up with strategies for remembering to take their medications, and help identify tools to help with this, such as medications boxes, medication packaging, and enrolling in services through the UW Health Specialty Pharmacy. We also provide recommendations about vaccines, smoking cessation (quitting smoking), controlling blood pressure, and help patients learn about medication-related devices such as glucose meters or home injections. The pharmacists work closely with the providers, nurses, and social workers to ensure that the best choices are being made for treatment and that the costs of medications are covered by insurance or other available assistance programs.


The pharmacists are available to discuss medications with a patient’s other Health Care Providers, such as a Primary Care Provider or Mental Health Provider. The HIV pharmacists can help if these providers have questions related to medications and side effects before a patient starts a new medication.


We are happy to meet with patients outside of clinic visits if they have additional questions or concerns about medications. Call the clinic at (608) 263-0946 and ask to speak to an HIV pharmacist.