Professional interactions with the health care industry: Request information about physician-industry relationships

UW Health and the University of Wisconsin believe in full disclosure and careful management of all relationships between providers and non-physician providers and industry to ensure that these relationships do not interfere with the health care needs and best interests of our patients. We are committed to sharing this information with our patients at their request.

As faculty members of the University of Wisconsin and employees of UW Health, providers and non-physician providers may perform research with companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to discover ways to improve patient care.

Providers and non-physician providers may also have personal financial interests in companies, such as owning stock, and receiving compensation directly from companies for consulting, lecturing and other activities.

If you have questions about your provider or non-physician provider’s relationships with the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, please feel free to discuss them directly with your doctor or clinician.

If you prefer to obtain information confidentially, you may complete and submit the form below.

If you would like to submit your request in writing, please include your name, mailing address, and the name(s) of the physician or non-physician providers about whom you would like information to:

UW Health Business Integrity Office
7974 UW Health Court, 4th floor
Middleton, WI 53563