Staff Spotlight: Sarah Sicard

UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center staff member Sarah Sicard

We all know that Minnesota is far from perfect. You need not look any further than the Vikings, 3.2 beer, or that timelessly precious childhood game - "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck" (seriously, that's what they call it up there) for proof.


Nonetheless, sometimes we have to acknowledge the contributions to society coming from our neighbors to the west. Most of us can admit that life is a little bit better because of Garrison Keillor, Target, Paul Molitor and the pop-up toaster (invented 1926).


And - through the miracle of tuition reciprocity - a handful of gifted and interesting Minnesotans have schooled and worked right here in Madison. One of these is Sarah Sicard. We are fortunate to have Sarah on our staff and we hope that you get to know her and her many talents for yourself.


About Sarah


Sarah grew up in Mahtomedi, Minnesota (suburb just northeast of St. Paul). There, her parents (father owned a local HVAC company while her mother was a substitute teacher) raised 3 daughters. Sarah is the oldest - her sisters include a college junior (Amy-here at the UW) and a high school senior (Lisa).


Growing up in Mahtomedi, Sarah was active in lacrosse and dance. She danced competitively for 16 years. She always loved the exhilaration and freedom of movement which likely played a role in her collegiate studies and career direction.


Sarah attended UW Madison where she studied Kinesiology (Exercise Movement Science). She was a practicum student in the Fitness Center in the fall of 2013 before earning her degree in December. Sarah began teaching aquatics exercise classes the following January (2014) and was hired onto the Fitness Center staff this past fall.


Currently Sarah teaches both Tuesday evening (5:30pm) and Friday morning (8:20am) Aqua Aerobics classes. In addition, Sarah is an integral member of the Fitness Center staff. Our evening members (Sarah works closing shifts on Tues/Thurs) and Friday afternoon exercisers have likely already met Sarah and benefit from her knowledge, outgoing personality and desire to help.


Sarah also does intake evaluations/assessments on new patrons joining the facility. She especially enjoys working individually with members designing, implementing and adjusting programs to help participants achieve their desired results.


As her choice in career paths attests, Sarah has a deep-rooted passion for physical fitness. She has taken a great personal interest in strength training and routinely lifts weights on up to 6 days a week (alternating workouts and muscle groups, of course). She would love to speak with you about your strength goals and training program. So, be sure to ask her the next time you cross paths.


Well, that's a brief introduction to Sarah Sicard. Despite our initial teasing about Minnesota, Sarah wants it to be clear that she loves her home state and is proud to let everybody know it!


A Brief Q&A with Sarah


Why did you choose this profession?

I was a practicum student here at UW Sports Medicine my senior year of college and I have stayed ever since. I choose to help teach swim aqua aerobics classes and it was a great success because I ended up with a job! I was a dancer for 16 years so teaching swim aqua aerobics comes natural to me. I graduated with a BS in Kinesiology-Exercise Science from UW Madison, so UW Sports Medicine is a great place to work. I hope to go to graduate school in the near future.


What do you like about working here?

Everything. The staff, the members, the environment and most of all my aqua aerobics students!


Hometown: Mahtomedi, Minnesota


Current Residence: Madison, WI


Birthday: May 30


Family: Mom, Dad and 2 sisters (Amy – 20, Lisa – 16). I'm the oldest!


Pets: Black cat named Leela (named after a character in the television show Futurama)


Favorite Music: Blink 182, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday


Favorite Color: Purple


Favorite TV Shows: Futurama, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, Parks & Rec


Favorite Movies: Fight Club, Oceans 11


Hobbies: Strength training, going to concerts, eating burgers, reading exercise research studies

Favorite Food: Steak, burgers & peanut butter


Favorite Vacation Spots (thus far): Spain & Portugal


Favorite Athlete: Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Suter


Something Very Few People Know About Me That I’m Willing to Divulge Here: I can squat 295 lbs, bench press 165 lbs and dead lift 300 lbs. And these numbers are continuing to grow!