Staff Spotlight: Marisela Tellez Giron - Zumba Instructor

Fitness Center instructor MariaWednesday nights in the Fitness Center are energetic and fun. Walk by the aerobics room and you will hear the lively beat of Latin music and see smiling faces in our Zumba class. This engaging and active class fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a dynamic aerobic workout. At the center leading all of this is our gifted instructor, Marisela Tellez Giron.


Marisela has been teaching Zumba for a little more than five years. In addition to teaching here, she leads classes at Madison College (previously MATC) and Centro Hispano. She especially enjoys being involved in Zumbathons - fundraisers where she and other instructors volunteer their time to lead classes to raise money for charity.


Marisela was born and raised in Mexico City. She moved to Madison when her husband, Guillermo Manuel, attended graduate school at the University of Wisconsin. Twenty-five years later (they just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary), Marisela's family includes two daughters, Marisela Junior and Victoria, and a son, Guillermo Daniel. Adding further joy to her growing family is the impending arrival of Marisela's first grandson.


In addition to teaching Zumba, Marisela works for the Madison Metropolitan School District as a special education assistant. Currently working at Lincoln Elementary School, Marisela thoroughly enjoys the

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important work she is doing, assisting children with autism and other special needs. Marisela says that working with children is a 'very natural fit" after running an in-home day care for nearly 20 years when her kids were younger.


We are very lucky and proud to have Marisela on our instructor staff. We hope that you will get the chance to meet her and see for yourself what a special instructor she is. In the meantime, let's hear a few words from Marisela herself:


Why did you like teaching Zumba?


I love music and exercising to it. With the Latin rhythms and sounds, you can't help but to get moving. I love the Zumba motto: It’'s not an exercise class. It’'s a party! I hope my classes feel like that to everybody.


What do you like about working here?


I like the people and the nice environment around me. Everybody is always helpful and ready to give you a hand if you need it.


Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico


Current residence: Madison


Birthday: July 1967


Family: Husband (Guillermo Manuel), two daughters (Marisela, Victoria), one son (Guillermo Daniel) and a future/newly arrived grandson.


Favorite Music: Merengue, bachata, cumbia


Favorite Color: Purple


Favorite TV Shows: "Long Island Medium"


Favorite Movies: "Beaches," "The  Notebook," "Phenomenon," "Stepmom"


Hobbies: Cooking (especially baking), watching movies, listening to music


Favorite Foods: Chinese and Mexican


Favorite Vacation spots (thus far): Cancun


Favorite Athlete: Aaron Rodgers


People I admire: My husband (he always has an answer for everything)


Something very few people know about me that I'm willing to divulge here: I have lost about 50 pounds doing Zumba! Come join the party!