Staff Spotlight: Katherine Hutchinson

It’s hard for many of us to wake up on a cold, dark, Wisconsin morning and get ourselves to work. It can be harder still to be pleasant, upbeat, and optimistic when everything isn’t working perfectly at 5:30 in the morning! Thankfully, we have Katherine (“Kat”) Hutchinson reliably opening the Fitness Center every weekday morning. Believe me, no one takes for granted the important role Kat plays opening the facility and managing front desk functions.


Fitness Center Staff Spotlight: Kat Hutchinson

Early morning Fitness Center members and class participants are certainly familiar with Kat, her cheerful smile, and sincere “Good Morning” upon their arrival. Many of you know her face – but what do you any of us really know about the person? Some of you may have stopped for a brief conversation with her and know her a bit. But, for the rest of us, this Staff Spotlight will be your first introduction to Kat.




Meet Kat


Kat grew up on a dairy farm in Rio (or as the kids say, “R 10”...), WI. As the third of four children, Kat grew up with all the responsibilities of an essential and much-needed farmer’s daughter. She acquired her strong work ethic early mastering the milking responsibilities required of the Hutchinson brood.


Kat excelled in cross country and basketball in high school, earning all-conference honors in each (“it was a small conference” Kat concedes). Although she no longer has an outlet for her basketball skills, Kat continues run recreationally and occasionally enters races.


Kat’s primary physical activity currently is bicycling. She enjoys training for and participating in organized longer rides. Recently, along with friends, she cycled the 2017 RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa), a 7 day, 468 mile trek across Iowa.


After opening the building on weekdays, Kat heads to her full-time job as administrative director at AGRES (Agriculture Research of Wisconsin).


If you visit Fitness Center on weekday mornings we hope that you get to meet Kat personally. Please say hi to our only staff from exotic Rio!


A Q&A with Kat


What Do You Like About Working Here?


Hands down, the members are what makes the fitness center a great place to work. It is a strong community of very caring people that you cannot find just anywhere. Without them, 5am would be much more difficult to tackle every day.


Hometown: Rio, WI


Current residence: Madison, WI


Birthday: March 29


Family: Two older sisters, younger brother


Favorite MusicAnything except country


Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, Park and Rec


HobbiesRunning, biking, hiking, kayaking


Favorite Foods: Peanut butter


Favorite Vacation Spots (thus far): Denver, CO


Favorite Athlete: Dean Karnazes


Nicknames You've Had: Kitty