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Staff Spotlight: Alyssa Dvorak

UW Health Fitness Center Instructor Alyssa DvorakAlyssa is a new Aerobic Mix instructor that started teaching this past summer.


Although she was born in Madison, Alyssa lived most of her childhood in Verona, WI. She has been dancing and performing in theatrical productions since she was eight years old. In high school she participated on the Varsity Dance Team for 3 ½ years and was one of the first dancers to ever receive a letter in Varsity Dance at Verona Area High School.


Alyssa pursued her dream of living in New York City by attending New York University to major in Journalism and Sociology and Minor in Dance. While in New York, she was a member of the NYU Dance Team and performed at the National Dance Association Collegiate Nationals four times. Dance Team required athletes to work out regularly outside of practice which is how Alyssa developed a true passion for fitness and especially fitness classes. She began taking as many classes as she could through as many different gyms and studios and realized she would love to teach her own fitness classes one day.


Alyssa teaches Aerobic Mix on Wednesday mornings. She loves to come up with new playlists for class each week and choreograph different aerobic routines. Currently, Alyssa is finishing her certification to be an ACE Personal Trainer, and hopes to teach more classes in the future.


Athletically, Alyssa loves to dance, do cross-fit, train for Half-Marathons, do yoga, and take spinning classes. Currently she is training for the Madison Half Marathon this November with her mom and her aunts.


Artistically, Alyssa spends all of the time she is not exercising or studying working on choreography for various productions with the Verona Area Community Theater and prepping for her hip-hop classes that she teaches in Mt. Horeb. Currently Alyssa is co-directing and choreographing Billy Elliot the Musical for VACT which will perform in October. "Come see it!" she says.


Alyssa ultimately hopes to be a personal trainer and group fitness instructor that works with a variety of fitness styles.



A Q&A with Alyssa


Why Did You Choose This Profession?


I have had some truly great fitness instructors in my life that have made such a positive influence on me. They made me believe that I could be successful with my fitness goals, made me laugh when class was hard, and were truly motivational. These people inspired me to want to provide those experiences for others through teaching fitness.


What Do You Like About Working Here?


UW Health is a very positive environment which is awesome. Everyone is super nice and friendly, and I feel like athletes and instructors together are much more successful when performing in such a great atmosphere.


Hometown: Verona, WI.


Current Residence: Madison, Wisconsin (the west side).


Family: I’ve got my mom, my dad, and my little brother who is younger than me by twenty-two months.


Pets: While I haven’t gotten any pets of my own yet, my parents have three dogs that I consider to be my little brothers. A cocker spaniel named Gibson, a yorkie-poo named Joey, and a chihuahua named Miguel.


Favorite Music: I listen to a wide variety of music but top favorites would include Broadway Soundtracks, Top 40, hip-hop, and contemporary.


Favorite Color: Depends on the week but right now it is bright neon green.


Favorite TV Show: The list goes on and on but a few favorites include Friends, That 70s Show, Gilmore Girls, and Parks and Recreation.


Favorite Movie: I love romantic comedies and old school romantic musicals like Singin’ In the Rain or White Christmas.


Hobbies: Most of my hobbies are fitness based, but I do volunteer as web designer for the Verona Area Community Theater and like to do graphic design for them as well.


Favorite Foods: Pizza, Pickles, Scrambled Eggs, Ice Cream, and Cookie Dough (not altogether of course).


Favorite Vacation Spots (thus far): New York, Las Vegas, Norway, London, and Edinburgh because I am fascinated by big metropolitan areas.


Previous Nicknames: Lys, Lyssy, LyssyD. 


People I Admire: I admire people who never give up in the face of a challenge. I admire people that meet adversity head on and manage to push through for the better.


Brush With Greatness: I have met Larry King twice in my life. The first time was when my dad took me to see Motown the Musical, I met him and got a picture. The second was when I was in Los Angeles and we happened to eat at his bagel restaurant one morning and he happened to be there. I was still in my pajamas though the second time which didn’t make the best impression.


I also literally bumped into Tom Hanks while seeing Beautiful the Carole King Musical in New York. I apologized and he said “That’s fine.”


Something Very Few People Know About Me That I'm Willing to Divulge Here: My secret dream growing up was to be a professional DJ. My dad even bought me a small DJ Table that I was never able to learn how to use. I can make pretty good mixes in Garage Band though.