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American Family Children's Hospital

Online Registration is Here

Woman on a laptopWe're excited to announce that online registration for UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center classes will be available for Summer 2013.
Current participants will no longer need to stop by at a registration table during designated times to enroll (or re-enroll) in their desired class. Similarly, new participants will be able to sign up directly from the same registration tool.
We hope you will try this new customer service initiative. It is our goal to accommodate you by adding this option. Just think, you can take care of your registration needs from the comfort of your own computer at a time that is convenient to you.
Early Registration
Current class participants with an e-mail address on file at the Fitness Center will receive an e-mail informing them that they may register by following the link in the message. In other words, when Early Registration opens you will receive an email with the following subject line:
Early Registration Notification: UW Health Class Registration
Open this e-mail to see:
Early registration e-mail example
Before clicking on the blue Register link, copy the early registration access code (shaded yellow in Figure 1), since it will be needed to complete the early registration. Clicking the Register link opens a registration form asking for this code. Paste it in the requested field and click on Submit Token.
When the token is accepted you will be prompted to confirm or update your registration information. When this information is correct, click on the Continue button to proceed with your payment.
Online registrations can only be paid by credit card. If you would like to pay with cash, a check, or use facility credit you will need to stop at the front desk. Likewise, applying any coupons, gift certificates or awards will need to be done in person at the front desk. Please double check your credit card information prior to submitting your payment. A couple extra seconds confirming the accuracy of your information will prevent significantly more time spent working to correct any payment problems.
Please note: A separate e-mail and early registration access code is issued for each class you are eligible to early register for. Therefore, the above steps need to be completed for each class you online register for.
Similarly, there will be a separate line item on your credit card statement for each of the classes you register for. The vendor that the amount was paid to will be listed as UW Hospital and Clinics. 
Open Registration
Following the early registration period, all classes with vacancies will open for anyone to register. You can do so at Follow the links to browse classes and register online.
Wait Lists
The online system will automatically keep track of openings in a class and generate wait lists for filled classes. When you register for a full class, confirmation screens and e-mails will clearly state if you have been placed on a Wait List. You will not be prompted for payment information if you are placed on a wait list. If someone withdraws from the class or if the class capacity is increased, e-mail invitations to register for the class will automatically be generated and sent to the appropriate number of wait list names (in the appropriate order).
More Information about Online Class Registration
  • Some, but not all, classes can be joined in after the start date, if space is available. Classes that can be joined in progress and have openings will be available for online registration. The specific class fee (prorated for remaining classes) will be calculated based on a standardized formula.
  • If you don't have access to a computer, our front desk staff will always be able to take registrations either in-person or by telephone (608-263-7936).
  • Online registration is only available for payment by credit card at this time. If you are unable to do so, please stop by or call the front desk to pay by cash, check or facility credit.
  • A few classes are not available for online registration. Going Solo and Swim Fit are independent pool use classes and need to be registered for in-person or over the phone because of the great variability in program options (including fee), which requires detailed registration discussion and custom fee calculation. Certain specialty classes which require unique eligibility criteria and specific testing/screening are currently not available for online registration. The "Parkinson's Exercise Program" is one such example. Classes unavailable for online registration will not have a link allowing you to “Add to your cart.” Please stop by or call the front desk register to inquire about these classes. 2.

We're excited to implement online registration for our summer classes and confident that you'll find this new system easy-to-use. We appreciate your patience as we work any unforeseen “bugs” out of the system (we're deliberately launching the online system in our slowest – summer – registration season). Please know that you are only a phone call (or a stop at the front desk) away of having any problem or confusion cleared up.