New Emergency Alert System

As you may have noticed, Research Park has recently installed a new emergency alert system. This new system has many improved features, including:

  • A louder alarm system (helps working staff hear alarm over the noise of the exercise equipment)
  • Light indicators (adds visual signal further helping staff of the alarm)
  • Voice contact with emergency site (allows staff to communicate immediately with site of activation to quickly assess nature of emergency)

Please take a few minutes and note where these emergency buttons are located throughout the center. Pay special attention to rooms/areas you frequent:

In just these few areas there are 16 alarm buttons. Here is what they look like:


UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center emergency alarm

In the bathrooms you will see that the buttons have a long red cord attached to them, allowing activation from someone who has fallen. We have had some small issues with users thinking this cord flushes the toilet. (It doesn't.)


Being familiar with the locations of these buttons is important. You never know when you might need our medical assistance or may want to get assistance for another user. Thank you for familiarizing yourself with the button locations. Our participants play an important role in our commitment to participant safety.