Fitness Center Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones have become an ever-present part of our lives. To keep the Fitness Center safe and comfortable for all our users we wish to remind you of our policy regarding cell phone use in the Fitness Center:

  • No cameras or cell phones in the locker rooms
  • No talking on cell phones in the Fitness Center, locker room, or Aquatic Center
  • Outside the public entrance/lobby, cell phones should remain stored

About the Policy


Q: Why no phones in the locker room?


A: All cell phones have cameras and most have video recording capability. Members have expressed uneasiness with this. To respect everyone’s privacy, no cellphones are allowed in the locker rooms.


Q: What if I need to be available by phone, or I need to reach someone?


A: We understand that there may be times when you need to call or text someone or that someone needs to reach you here. In these circumstances, please move to the front lobby to take a call or return a call.


Q: Can I send and read texts on my cell phone in the Fitness Center?

A: Yes. We do ask that you are not distracted by texting while moving around the Fitness Center floor and that you do not text while walking on the track.


Q: What if my cell phone rings while I am in the Fitness Center?

A: Please do not answer your phone. If you have an immediate need to check your phone or respond please move to the lobby before taking or making a call.


Q: What if I use my cell phone to play music or the radio while I work out?

A: This is fine.


Q: I see phones are sometimes used to record sessions with staff in the Fitness Center. Can I do that, too?


A: Our physical therapists often encourage patients to record therapy sessions to help them maintain proper form when they are working out on their own. These recordings are exclusively for the patient’s own personal use. Sessions are recorded only with the permission of the patient and Fitness Center facility staff. If you want to record a session with facility staff (Fitness Center staff or therapists), please check with the staff member before doing so.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation using your cell phone appropriately while in the Fitness Center.