Exercise Spotlight: Bicep Curls

For this exercise you can use elastic tubing (as shown), hand weights or household items such as soup cans.


Bicep curl step one; Advances Activity Avenue; UW Carbone Cancer Center

Stand tall, holding the resistance items in each hand.


You can stagger your feet as shown in picture if it helps stabilize your low back.


Take a breath and as you release it, try to relax your shoulders.

Bicep curl step 2; Advances Activity Avenue; UW Carbone Cancer Center

Bring your hands toward your shoulders, keeping your inner upper arm next to your sides and your elbow pointing down.


Your hands do not need to touch your shoulder.


Slowly return to start position.

Lift and lower 1 – 15 times.


For variety, you can use different hand positions.


You can turn your palms to face one another (thumb up) so that your thumbs are leading to your shoulders. This is sometimes easier on your wrists.


You can also start with your palms facing your thighs, then as you lift up, rotate your hands so that they face you shoulder (then rotate back as lower).