Thyroid Nodules

UW Health endocrine surgeons in Madison, Wisconsin, provide comprehensive treatment for thyroid nodules, growths in the thyroid gland that most often are benign.


What are thyroid nodules?


Nodules are growths within the thyroid gland, and they are very common. Nodules can be discovered either by you or your physician feeling a lump in the neck, or they can be discovered when an ultrasound or a CAT scan of the neck is done for some other reason.


Most thyroid nodules are benign and require no treatment, but any nodule that is larger than 1 cm should be biopsied to make sure that there are no cancer cells in the nodule. Thyroid nodules might require treatment, which usually involves surgically removing all or part of the thyroid gland that contains the nodule, if they are enlarging in size, if they are suspicious for thyroid cancer on a biopsy, or if they are causing significant symptoms from pressing on your windpipe or esophagus.


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