Expert care for everyone

We’ve been providing HIV services since 1985. Our HIV care teams are known across the nation for their expertise.

We educate you, your family and the community about living with HIV. We work to dispel rumors and myths while taking excellent care of our patients. We provide antiretroviral therapy to control the virus and protect your immune system.

At UW Health, you get the HIV treatment you need and your ability to pay does not matter. We receive funding from the federal Ryan White HIV/AIDS program. This gives you access to more resources.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that weakens a person’s immune system by destroying important cells that fight infection. With excellent, regular care, HIV can be controlled. If you have received an HIV diagnosis, we can help you live a long, healthy life. If you don’t have an HIV diagnosis, we can help you reduce your risk of becoming HIV positive.

No matter what, at UW Health, you are never left to deal with HIV alone. Our HIV program gives you access to services to help you live your best life. When you access services with the HIV Care and Prevention Program, you become part of a community of caring experts.

UW Health is profoundly committed to being a diverse and inclusive environment for patients, visitors, staff and physicians. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation named us a Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality

Our HIV care services

Comprehensive programs for a healthy life

We provide you with the resources you need to live well with HIV. From treatment and counseling to financial help, we are your partner in health.

Our services for people living with HIV include:

  • Addiction and substance use treatment

  • Financial assistance to cover the costs of HIV care

  • Assistance applying for health insurance and public benefits

  • Housing assistance

  • Medical case management

  • Peer mentorship and support

  • Psychiatry and behavioral health

  • Transportation assistance

HIV care team

Experts dedicated to you

Your HIV care team includes your primary HIV doctor, specialty-trained nurses, pharmacists and medical case managers.

This means you receive the most complete care available. At UW Health, we understand that you need different services at different times in your life. Our HIV care and prevention providers are always here for you.

Linkage-to-care specialist

Our linkage-to-care specialist provides short-term assistance for HIV patients. If you are newly diagnosed, you stopped HIV care or you are at risk of falling out of HIV care, we are here to help. Our specialist meets you in the community and can provide services right away.

Medical case management services 

Our medical case managers are trained social workers who provide assessment, care coordination, community referrals, education and transportation assistance. We also help you get counseling and insurance and financial services.

Our providers

HIV care treatments

Managing your condition for life

Treatments for HIV are most effective when you stay in the care of a medical team. Your specific plan depends on your symptoms and overall health. Our HIV teams talk with you about your lifestyle and goals. We work with you to create an HIV management plan just for you.

HIV care patient support

Support you need to live well with HIV

The UW Health HIV Care and Prevention Program gives you and your family access to resources to live well with HIV.

New patient overview

An HIV diagnosis can bring many questions. Learn what to expect from our guide for new patients. Read more

HIV 101

Our HIV care and prevention teams share information and resources about HIV and AIDS.

Learn more:

Resources for living with HIV

You can access lots of information about how to manage your HIV. We recommend the following:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: The CDC provides details about many aspects of living with the virus, from understanding your care to dealing with discrimination. Learn more

Paying for care

Our HIV Care and Prevention Program receives funding from the federal Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. The Ryan White program was created by Congress in August 1990. It is named after an Indiana teen who lost his life to AIDS-related illness. If you are uninsured or underinsured, the Ryan White program can provide financial help for medical and non-medical services. Learn more

Positive Times newsletter

The Positive Times is a quarterly newsletter that supports people living with HIV. UW Health’s HIV care teams provide information and resources to help you stay engaged in your care and treatment. The Positive Times is available in English and Spanish. Subscribe now

View the latest edition: English (pdf) | Spanish (pdf)

HIV education series

The more you know, the better you can live with HIV. Our education events provide information about HIV-related issues. Sessions are open to patients, family members and anyone interested. Subscribe to the Positive Times newsletter so we can notify you of future educational events.


Our team is ready for you

At UW Health, we want you to receive the right care at the right time. We are here if you want to talk or need information. You can call us at (608) 263-0946.


Complete HIV care

You can access resources to live well with HIV from our HIV Care and Prevention program in Madison. The program is part of the UW Health Infectious Disease Clinic.

The UW Health Infectious Disease Clinic is part of the Medical Specialty Clinic on the main floor (Floor 2) of University Hospital, along with Pulmonary and Travel Medicine.

To find these clinics:

  • Please enter the Hospital Entrance (revolving doors on the left as you come out of the parking ramp)

  • Veer left past the Gift Shop and stop at registration

  • From there, continue past the B Module toward Medical Specialty and check in with reception

Your primary care doctor also can refer you for services.

Request a referral