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At the University Hospital Burn and Wound Center, our doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists and others work together as a team with patients and their families to ensure comprehensive care from the time of injury through discharge and rehabilitation.


Your Burn and Wound Team constantly seeks new ways to facilitate patient recovery and to improve patient care. At patient rounds, patient care teams meet daily to visit each patient, discuss the patient's progress and optimize patient care. At our Multidisciplinary Burn Conference, UW Health burn and wound specialists meet weekly to discuss each patient's condition and to determine the best course of treatment.


Our Team


Team Member  Description 
Patient  The individual patient is the most important member of our Burn and Wound Team. Each patient is unique and each treatment is specially tailored to the patient's needs. 
Family members  Family members are an integral part of the team. They provide the patient with emotional support and encouragement and work with the medical providers to facilitate the healing process. 
Surgeon  The burn and wound surgeon is an expert in all aspects of burn and wound surgery, care and treatment. The surgeon will personally oversee each patient's recovery from the start of treatment until rehabilitation is complete. 
Nurse Practitioner  The nurse practitioner has advanced education in the care and treatment of burn and wound patients. The nurse practitioner can diagnose specific conditions, order tests and procedures and prescribe medicine for the patient. 
Nurse  The nurse is specially trained in burn and wound treatment and administers daily care to the patient. The nurse provides support to the patient and family members and is ready to assist them with questions concerning treatment and recovery. 
Pharmacist  The pharmacist monitors the patient's medications and assists the burn and wound team members in planning medicinal treatment. The pharmacist provides counsel to the patient and medical team concerning the medication and optimizes treatment therapy for each patient. 
Physical Therapist  The physical therapist will assist the patient in improving the function of burn and wound-affected areas. Elements of therapy include passive and active exercises, limb positioning and splinting, and activities to reduce scarring. 
Occupational Therapist  The occupational therapist will assess the patient's needs and work to improve the patient's ability to perform daily activities and specific motor skills. 
Respiratory Therapist  The respiratory therapist assists the patient's recovery by designating breathing treatments and exercises. Respiratory therapy is especially beneficial to patients with smoke-inhalation injuries. 
Child Life Specialist  The Child Life specialist lends support to pediatric patients and their families with the goal of helping them to cope during the treatment process. The Child Life specialist assists in reducing the child's stress with play activities and other age-appropriate therapy. 
Nutritionist  The nutritionist works one-on-one with the patient to formulate a special diet that will promote their healing and ensure the patient's complete recovery. 
Health Psychologist  The health psychologist is available to assist the patient in recuperating emotionally from any stress induced by the burn or wound injury. 
Chaplain  The chaplain is available to serve the religious and pastoral needs of the patient and family members and is accessible to provide religious services and spiritual counseling. 
Interpreter  Interpreters are available in over 31 languages to facilitate communication between the patient, family members and the medical staff.