January 28, 2015

9 activities to do indoors

Outdoor winter activities are enjoyable, but it is always good to be prepared with a list of indoor physical activities for when it is too cold or too rainy to play outside.

These games are fun for kids to play with each other but they will have a blast if their parents play, too! Make exercise a family occasion by playing:

  • Simon says

    • Example: Simon says, stand on one foot and count to six

  • Follow the leader

    • Example: do jumping jacks, crawl on the floor, crawl over the back of the couch

  • Baseball with common household items

    • Use tinfoil for a ball and the cardboard tube from paper towels for a bat

  • Mirror dancing

    • Put on music

    • Face each other

    • One person leads a dance the other attempts to mimic all the moves

  • Climb up and down stairs

    • Think of all the different ways you can climb up and down

    • Example: sideways, on hands and knees

  • Balloons are the best indoor ball ever you can play all sorts of games

    • Volleyball

    • Dodgeball

    • How many times can you hit it before it touches the ground

  • Obstacle course

    • Create a course using furniture, pillows, clothing etc

  • Freeze dance

    • Play music

    • When it stops everyone freezes

  • Create your own game

    • Grab random items from the kitchen and other parts of the house

    • Everyone comes up with a way to use all the items