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Bridges Newsletter

Welcome to "Bridges – UW Health Transitions of Care," a newsletter to inform you of current projects and announcements.


Spring 2016 Bridges Newsletter (Vol. 6)


Inside this issue:

  • Community Partner: Comfort Keepers
  • Finding TC Notes in Health Link
  • Our New Surgical Transitions Program and Team Members
  • Determining If Your Patient Qualifies for TC Services
  • UW Health's Hearing Aid Fairy
  • 2015 Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • Transitions Program Outcomes

Fall 2015 Bridges Newsletter (Vol. 5)


Inside this issue:

  • Nursing Excellence Award
  • Partnering with Our Patients and Home Health Services
  • Transitional Care Program from the Patient Perspective
  • Ed/Post-Acute Care Communications Workgroup
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey

Winter 2014 Bridges Newsletter (Vol. 4)


Inside this issue:

  • Frequent Flyers and Readmissions
  • Introduction to ED Initiatives
  • Introducing Heather Boehme, NP
  • What is Good To Go?
  • Transitions Data

Fall 2013 Bridges Newsletter (Vol. 3)


Inside this issue:

  • Coordinated Transitional Care Program (C-TraC) Rolls Out at UW Hospital and Clinics
  • Introducing the Geriatrics Transitional Care Medical Director
  • Introducing the Transitional Care Team
  • Partners in Care and Transitions... Acute Care-Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
  • BOOSTing Care Transitions


Winter/Spring 2013 Bridges Newsletter (Vol. 2)


Inside this issue:

  • Transitional Care Pharmacy Specialist
  • After Hospital Care Plan Goes Live
  • Discharge Status Board Introduction
  • Transitions Tidbits


Fall 2012 Bridges Newsletter (Vol. 1)


Inside this issue:

  • Geriatrics Transitions Program Pilot a Success
  • University Health Care (UHC) Collaborative: Post-Discharge Phone Call Pilot on F4/5
  • Primary Care Pharmacist Pilot
  • Hospitalist Transitions of Care Clinic