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Faculty, UW School of Medicine and Public Health

Yao Liu, MD, MS

  • Eye Care Services (Ophthalmology)


Dr. Yao Liu is an ophthalmologist who specializes in adult and pediatric glaucoma. She is an expert in teleophthalmology, which uses cameras and other technologies to increase access to high quality eye care. Dr. Liu earned her medical degree from the Harvard Medical School/MIT HST Program. She completed an ophthalmology residency at Harvard/Massachusetts Eye and Ear and a glaucoma fellowship at the University of California Davis Eye Center. Learn more about Dr. Liu’s teleophthalmology work at

Languages spoken
  • English

Practice locations

Education & credentials

Board certifications
  • Ophthalmology
Medical School
  • Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Glaucoma, University of California, Davis Eye Center, Sacramento, CA

  • Harvard Ophthalmology Residency Program, Boston, MA
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA


Additional conditions and treatments
  • Anterior Segment Surgery
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Glaucoma Laser Treatment
  • Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery
  • Optic Nerve Imaging
  • Pediatric Glaucoma Surgery

Research & publications

As a clinician-scientist, Dr. Yao Liu leverages new technology to enhance our understanding and management of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and other vision-threatening eye diseases using imaging, telemedicine, and clinical trials of new medications and surgical devices. Dr. Liu is the Director of the UW Teleophthalmology Program, which aims to prevent blindness by expanding access to innovative eye care.

Learn more about Dr. Liu’s research at

Dr. Liu's bibliography is available at