Xinliu Meyer, NP

  • Nephrology
Xinliu Meyer, NP


Xinliu Meyer, NP, is a UW Health nurse practitioner specializing in nephrology (kidney care). She cares for patients with kidney problems, including chronic kidney disease and kidney failure. Xinliu also cares for people who need a machine (dialysis) to take over the functions that the kidneys typically perform.

She believes in empowering patients in their health care decision-making. Xinliu takes the time to get to know her patients, along with their beliefs, motivations and social factors that can impact their care. She also works to build trust with her patients — some of whom she has cared for over many years or even decades. This helps her to make better care recommendations, and ultimately to provide more effective health care.

Outside of work, Xinliu enjoys staying active through running, hiking, practicing yoga and gardening.

I enjoy the long-term relationships and partnerships I build with my patients over years of caring for them.

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  • English
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  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI