Rebecca Alberts, LPC

  • Behavioral Health


Rebecca Alberts, LPC, is a psychotherapist at UW Health. Rebecca provides hope and support for people with anxiety, depression and many other mental health conditions.

Her specialties include grief and loss, understanding the impact of emotional trauma, positive aging and neurodiversity issues, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

As a licensed professional counselor, Rebecca uses many techniques, including mindfulness and body integration-based interventions, which may include present moment awareness, meditation, and breathing exercises. She also has a strong background in dreamwork and a treatment approach called Jungian imaginal therapy, which uses dream analysis, art, imagination and other methods to better understand and identify a person’s feelings and beliefs.

Rebecca provides culturally competent services to persons of all races and sexual orientations. She also assists those who are feeling alienated from their faith.

During personal time, Rebecca enjoys reading, dance, film, meditation, yoga and Tai Chi Chuan, a form of body-conditioning exercise and relaxation. She tries to promote peace wherever she can.

I have faith in the healing instinct and capacity for peace within us all. Even in very difficult times, we can take steps toward healing and finding our true self.

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  • English
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  • Lesley University, Cambridge, MA


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  • Mental Health Services